• Grab Bars
  • Secure Bolt Elevated Toilet Seat
  • Here at AZ Safe at Home, we care for more than just keeping you safe. We want to help you maintain your dignity and independence while enhancing your safety.

    We focus on the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. We know that it can be difficult to look at safety products for your home, but safety and ease of access in your home doesn't mean that you or your loved ones should sacrifice self-respect and dignity. AZ Safe at Home provides products that will do just that, maintain your dignity and enhance your safety.

    Depending on your needs, there are plenty of products that we carry and encourage you to use. 

    For the bathroom:

    • Toilet Support Rails
    • Shower Chairs
    • Walk-in Tubs
    • Grab Bars
    • And More

    Each of these can be a great help in maintaining a safe, productive, and dignified lifestyle. 

    For the bedroom:

    • Bed Risers
    • Vertical Transfer Poles
    • And More

    The kitchen is one of the most dangerous parts of the home. AZ Safe at Home wants to address that with:

    • Step Stools
    • Offset Door Hinges
    • Threshold Ramps
    • And More

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