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    It’s an unfortunate and frustrating thing to acknowledge, but for the elderly who struggle physically the kitchen can become more dangerous than we would like to admit. No one wants to be coddled, and maintaining dignity is always important, so how do we work together for ourselves in this situation, and for those we love who are, to both live safely and maintain our self respect and autonomy? The answer can be as simple as a few step stools and reacher poles for some people, for others it may take more, but AZ Safe at Home is committed to bringing you dignified safety and support.

    For those of us who depend on wheelchairs to get around, or would just find it helpful to have a few inches of extra space through the doorway, and offset door hinge can do just that. If this is you we would encourage you to buy these for these reasons. There is no costly remodeling to your doorframe, just a simple replacement of the hinges and It can add a full 2” clearance to most doors. We would recommend any models manufactured by Stanley for this. They have a dependable reputation for quality hardware. A number of their hinges even come with a lifespan limited lifetime warranty.

    There are more items than this that can be a huge help to you, power lift cushions and chairs, a simple step stool, threshold ramps, and reacher poles. We would urge you for the retention of safety while maintaining dignity and autonomy to consider these from our selection at AZ Safe at Home.

  • PVI Bariatric Panel Ramp
  • Cosco Three-Step Big Step Folding Step Stool with Rubber Hand Grip
  • Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

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